For the last twelve years, the core of Himalaya International’s business has been supplying industrial accounts worldwide with US Grade A mushrooms and baby Russet varietal potatoes. We are flexible enough to grow and process any specification that our clients may need. Traditionally, we have grown button, portabella, and crimini mushrooms along with our unique baby russet varietal potatoes. With our new plant coming online we are looking forward to launching many new and exciting products.

We have been an integral part of the process in developing manufacturing practices and specifications to meet our clients’ needs. We have years of experience in developing everything from a process to bread IQF button mushrooms to creating a type of cut that increases the mushroom spoon count in soup.

Below you will find links for our current standard products along with industry standard specifications. If you have a special product or special needs, please contact us at (609) 838-2253 or email us at and we will be happy to offer our experience to help you.

Deangelus Canned Mushrooms Pcs And Stems Specs
Specs Baby Potato Skins
Specs Baby Potatoes
Specs Fresh Frozen Slices
Specs Frozen Diced Mushrooms
Specs IQF Mushroom Buttons
Specs Marinated Mushrooms In Jars
Specs Mango Slices
Specs IQF Mushroom Caps